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    I am a new user of BC3 and have the most recent update. However I need to be able to define my own unimportant text. For example I am comparing a 600 page document that in one PDF the values show as "465" and then in the other PDF they are showing as "465.00" Is it possible to define the ".00" as unimportant so that my results will actually show the differences I am looking for? Thanks for the help and sorry if I posted this twice.

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    Yes. If you have BC3 Pro, you can define a Text Replacement in the Text Compare's Session menu -> Session Settings, Misc tab, and set 465 = 465.00.

    Or you can generally define .00 as Unimportant in all cases:

    Let us know if you have any trouble setting this up, or have any questions about Text Replacements (* = *.00) or Unimportant text.
    Aaron P Scooter Software