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How to ignore CRLF ?

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  • How to ignore CRLF ?

    In a BC3 folder, I have 2 files that are near-identical except one is Windows CRLF line endings, another is Unix (LF?) endings.

    Ps. Please see attached image if you're not fond of reading lengthy text

    Description of Problem Faced:

    In folder compare, the "not equals" sign does not show up in the "vertical-area-between-the-comparison-panes".

    When click to file-compare the 2 files, the file compare says in the status bar the files are "Binary Same" and "Same".

    Now, going back to the folder compare, the "not equals" sign has appeared now!

    1. Is it possible for BC3 to ignore CRLF in text compare?
    This post last asked and it is 1 year old.

    2. If not possible to ignore CRLF, then is there a way to force BC3 to
    do file comparisons when comparing folders so that one does not have to click on a file only to find out it is "binary same" / "same". I.e. getting that "not equals" sign in the folder window itself is what is desired.

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    The previous post mentioned is actually requesting to ignore line endings and compare text regardless of where it breaks.

    We fully support both ignoring the line endings, and 'forcing' the binary compare on the folder compare level without needing to double click the files.

    Here's a quick KB article that should help:

    The line ending importance is controlled per session/instance. You can set a global default from the Home screen -> Edit Session defaults (green folder in the saved session list), Text Compare. And in the Importance tab, Compare Line Endings (PC/Mac/Unix) should already be disabled, which is the default.

    The Folder Compare does not use this information by default, however, and will compare using the attributes timestamp/size for a quick comparison. You can make this initial scan more detailed in the Folder Compare Session Settings, and enable a Rules-based compare (same as double clicking) or a Binary or CRC compare.

    Let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Great! That solves my "problem". Thank you.