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    I was hoping an upgrade to BC3 would solve the problem of keeping a settings file of a particular program consistent from version to version. The settings are stored in an XML file that the program writes with tags in seemingly random order. This particular program is particularly fond of tags like:
    <Properties name="abcdef">

    There are many of these blocks, in jumbled order. I had hoped that the "XML sorted" plugin was the answer to comparing different levels of these files. Alas, not.

    It seems that sorting of these tags ignores the quoted string as unimportant to the sort. Therefore, all name="whatever" tags are sorted together, but in no particular order.

    How can I coax it to consider the quoted part as part of the value to sort?

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    Just posting a quick link to the remainder of this post. In case another forum user stumbles across this for reference purposes, the post is continued here:
    Aaron P Scooter Software