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  • SLOC differences report

    I am using BC3 for comparing two files and am interested in getting the SLOC for lines added, modified, and deleted. I saw that there is a statistics report, but I'm not sure if is telling me what I want. Ideally I want an output that looks like this:

    (3) lines added
    (2) lines modified.
    (13) lines deleted.

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    You want the "Summary" report layout. To generate the report in the BC3 Text Compare, select "Session > Text Compare Report".

    The "Summary" layout generates statistics like you describe in an easy to read form. The "Statistics" report is harder to read but it is included for backwards compatibility with Beyond Compare 2.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      I ran the summary report on two VB files and this is the output I got:

      564 same lines (s)
      1 unimportant difference line(s)
      12 important difference line(s)

      4 difference sections(s).

      What does this mean?

      If I use BC2, the output looks like what I want, where it actually shows
      x lines added
      y lines modified
      z lines deleted.

      Can I get this same output format with BC3?


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        BC3 uses "left orphan" instead of "deleted", "right orphan" instead of "added", and "difference" instead of "modified". We made these changes to be more precise and clear. The old terminology assumed that the right file is the newer one, which is not necessarily true.

        Erik Scooter Software