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  • Comparing XML Files

    I have two use cases for comparing XML files that I do not think Beyond Compare can handle. Before I write code to do these comparisons I thought I would check here to see if I am missing something.

    Comparing XML Doc Files
    We produce software that has an API. We are creating XML Documentation Files (using Sandcastle) that only contain documentation for the parts of the API that we expect our customers to use (Public methods in certain namespaces, etc). I would like to be able to see changes in that public API from release to release. Comparing the files directly in Beyond Compare often leads to large sections as showing different because a class have been added, etc. Ideally I would like the comparison to attempt to find XML elements that are similar, including the values of the attributes, etc.

    Correcting NCover coverage files
    We use NCover for our unit tests. We have started using it for our manual tests as well. As a result we have several testers (about 6) creating coverage files. We need to merge these files to give us the total coverage numbers. NCover supports this merging, but they identify the assemblies via the assembly ID. code run on different machines (or resulting from different builds) will have different assembly IDs. We would like to be able to find the assembly elements where the name is the same, but the id is different.

    Like I said, I assume that Beyond Compare will not handle either of these use cases. They are close to what beyond compare does, but sufficiently different to be an issue. I just wanted to verify this before I go write code to accomplish these.

    Thanks for your time on this.

    Pat O

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    Which file format are you currently using for your XML comparison? Our built-in XML format or one of the varieties available for download here:
    Beyond Compare is a multi-platform utility that combines directory compare and file compare functions in one package. Use it to manage source code, keep directories in sync, compare program output, etc.

    Each format will format your text in a different way, and the alignment controls (for similarity) can be controlled in the Session Settings, Alignment tab.

    If you have any example files you would like us to test with, please email them to [email protected] with a copy of your Support package (Help menu -> Support; Export) and a link back to this forum post for reference.

    Can NCover be configured to use an external program as a Diff Viewer or Merge Tool? Are the assembly elements or IDs text values within files, part of the file names, or can the be accessed with an External Conversion process?
    Aaron P Scooter Software