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How to convert gaps to empty lines

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  • How to convert gaps to empty lines

    What should I do to export my carefully aligned files so that the gaps matter? The line numbers run up to 28,000 on one side and 19,000 on the other, but in the end I want all gaps to be filled with empty lines. This is a mapping, so if the gaps are lost, everything is lost.

    Any sort of merge is also very difficult.

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    Are you saying that you want the null lines that BC3 creates when aligning two files to be replaced with a physical line feed characters so that the spacing remains when the files are unloaded from Beyond Compare?
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      Yes, that's exactly what I want to achieve. If you use BC for this kind of task, it would also be great if one could save the alignment for later. I spent much time manually aligning the shorter list to the longer, but this added information can't be saved and is very easily lost.


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        Would an acceptable solution be to setup a saved session for your pair of files that remembers your alignments? This is something that is on our Customer Wishlist.

        Or does your current workflow demand another solution?
        Aaron P Scooter Software