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Error 100. Need help plz

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  • Error 100. Need help plz


    I have tried to invoke bc3 from c++ using the system command. i've made use of the qc switch. However, an error 100 is being shown. if the files are directly in D: without in any subfolders, then no error is being shown. Plz help

    here is the code

    void main()
    ifstream myfile1("D:\\Documents and Settings\\e517943\\My Documents\\TEST\\New Folder\\data1.txt");
    ifstream myfile2("D:\\Documents and Settings\\e517943\\My Documents\\TEST\\data1.txt");
    ofstream out;"dump.txt");
    char line1[100];
    char line2[100];
    int ret_val=0;
    int i=0, j=0,k=0;

    ret_val=system("\"C:\\Program Files\\Beyond Compare 3\\BComp.exe\"/qc D:\\Documents and Settings\\e517943\\My Documents\\TEST\\New Folder\\data1.txt D:\\Documents and Settings\\e517943\\My Documents\\TEST\\data1.txt");


    the ret_val is being shown as 100. If the files are directly in D:, no error is being shown.

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    If you run Bcompare.exe /qc from the command line, do you get the behavior you expect? You can then check with an "echo %ErrorLevel%" on the command line. This will help troubleshoot whether you are having trouble with Beyond Compare's comparison, or calling it from within your code.

    One key point could be that BC3 stores settings and sessions on a per user basis. Which Windows User account is running your code execution of Beyond Compare? You may want to setup a Portable Install in a global area, instead of using the C:\Program Files install. A Portable Install will store all settings in that directory (requiring read/write access), so any user executing it will share settings.
    Aaron P Scooter Software