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    UE 17 beta just added a feature that I really, really like. It is a checkbox on the find dialog that performs a persistent highlight of all instances found. You can launch the find dialog, type in find criteria (even regular expressions) and all instances will be highlighted with a bright yellow background color. The highlighting stays until you find something else or until you edit and change the highlighted text. This would be an awesome feature in a compare program.

    NP++ has a feature that when you select a single-word text, all other instances of the same word are highlighted on the screen. The neat thing about the NP++ implementation is that NP++ remembers what you have selected when you close the file. Upon opening it again, you'll see the same word highlighted throughout the file. Neat. It is a visual reminder of what you've been doing in the file and makes it easier to continue on with your work.
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    Adding a highlight feature is on our Wishlist, and I'll add this example case to the notes.
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