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Suggestion: allow "Show Context" with "Show Same"

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  • Suggestion: allow "Show Context" with "Show Same"

    The Show Context feature only works with "Show Differences" currently. I'd like you to define and allow it to be used with "Show Same" too.

    Sometimes I hack the guts out of a program to work on a new feature; when I diff it to the original source code I want to ignore all the routines I've cut out, so I select "Show Same". Show Context would be a natural way to show the one, two, or few line changes to the routines I kept. This would visually merge blocks of "Same" code where the (highlighted) differences between them are less than some user defined number of lines.


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    Are the routines that are cut out Orphans of one side or the other? You can enable Toggle display filters for greater control over the information shown. Right-click on the Display Filters in the toolbar and try switching to toggle. You can then enable (click) all of the toggles except Left Orphans. This would then show all file content except for items that appear only on the left.

    How does this work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Ah! That does work for me. I didn't know about that toggle option (or had forgotten about it) but it does give me exactly what I needed.

      Thanks for the great tool.