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    In [Find] dialog, press [Select All] button to select the wanted lines on one side.
    Now, I want to replace the selected lines by copying the corresponding ones from the other side.
    Is there a way to achieve this at present?
    If no, I have some suggestions:

    Enhance [Find] dialog to make it available to "select the corresponding lines on the other side".
    Then we will be able to copy the selection back.

    Make a command "Pan Selection" (from the current side to the other side).
    (Of course the focus should be switched to the other side.)

    Make a command "Invert Selection".
    Then we will be able to select the rest lines, and Ignore (hide) them temporarily...

    Or just make a command "Copy from Other Side".

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    You can manually trigger the "Copy to Left" or "Copy to Right" commands (in the Tools menu -> Customize Commands, along with the Copy to Other Side.)

    If you pick Copy To Left, even if the selection is on the left side, it will replace that selection with the text on the right. If you copy in the wrong direction by accident, use the Undo command to go back a step.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I trigger the two commands by using the shortcuts for so long time that I ignored whether they were enabled or not in the menu.
      Such behaviors are not available in v2, are they? I think this is why I didn't even give the shortcuts a try during the situation.
      Thank you.

      However, I think "Pan Selection" and "Invert Selection" are necessary and useful in some other situations.


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        The commands existed in BC2 as well, but not on the toolbar. They were in the Keyboard section of the Options dialog.

        I'll add your notes about expanding the selection tools in the Text Compare to our Customer Wishlist.
        Aaron P Scooter Software