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    I have a query regarding assignment compare. Lets say i have variable X in C language. In one file value is X = 2; and in other file its X = 2.0F;

    In this case every time i use Beyond compare it highlights this particular line as an Important difference saying X = 2.0F;
    Is it possible to do a greater than or less than compare for these kind of difference and then determine if the difference is important or not ???

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    Not from the Text Compare. Our Data Compare can have a numeric tolerance on number columns, but this behavior is not supported when comparing code in the Text Compare.

    BC3 Pro does offer Text Replacements, where you can define explicitly that only the aligned:
    2.0 = 2.0F
    is unimportant, and that 2.0 and 2.0F are important otherwise. Is this an option, or does 2.0F change frequently? This is controlled in the Session Settings, Replacements tab.
    Aaron P Scooter Software