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Each Window Should Remember Own Paths

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  • Each Window Should Remember Own Paths

    Maybe I am doing something wrong, but when comparing identical files in two folders (two sites, really, with subfolders - one a development site, one a production site), clicking the browse folder to browse to a specific file on the left side remembers the path last used (which was on the right side), and vice-versa.

    Each time I change to a different file to compare I must always traverse up the path to the other site... over and over and over.

    Both sides seem to remember the same path - the last path browsed to (regardless of which window it was in) - rather than remember the path to files last browsed on each side.

    Probably not a great explanation, but am wondering if there is a limitation in the system that makes it impossible to remember the path last browsed on each side of the comparison windows?

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    The browse dialog in BC3 should bring you to the current folder the active pane's file is located in. So if a file is already loaded in the Text Compare, it should browse to its location.

    If there is no file located yet, then the browse button does go back to the last browsed location.

    How are you currently launching and using BC3? There are a lot of shortcuts for opening various files and locations. For example, you can drag and drop files from Explorer onto either pane in BC3, or just onto the Home screen itself (gray area.) A Folder Compare session also allows you to quickly browse and open multiple new tabs to new file comparisons.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks, Aaron - your suggestions were very helpful.

      I have tried starting with a folder comparison method, even though I want to compare individual files, and I like how each comparison opens in a new tab. I think that will work very well for me. I can also see how clearing each session before starting the next file comparison worked against me, and that browsing to the new file while the old file is still in the window will keep each side's paths consistent.

      To answer your question, I open BC3 the old fashioned way - double-click my desktop icon and start a new session. Again, your response helped me understand the best way to accomplish what I want.

      Thanks again....