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  • Unexpected scrolling

    In a text compare as I am pressing Next Difference Section, I notice that the file position jumps unexpectedly to scroll a block into view -- when it would not actually have been out of view. In other words, the next difference block is completely contained in the edit window, but the files still scroll. This is confusing and hard to follow as I iterate through differences in a file.

    I first noticed this in 3.3.1 (13971), although it may have been there earlier. I can't find older V3 builds on your site, so I can't roll back to test an older version.

    Edit - I downloaded using URL guessing. It has the same problem.
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    Hello Kevin,

    The Text Compare's Next Difference Section command would scroll the window if the next section was not entirely in view, but otherwise should only move the cursor to the beginning of the next different section, and not move the view.

    Do you have a pair of sample files you could send in to [email protected] ? Please also include your current (Help menu -> Support; Export) and a link to this forum thread for our reference.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I have sent sample files as requested.


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        I received your example files and sent an email reply. Thanks for sending those in. It looks like your data was not aligning in line as you expected, but it also looks like your files were column-based data and that you would not want the alignment to occur.

        For your files, you can define a new File Format in the Tools menu -> File Formats, new Text format, and associate it with your file extension. Then in the Misc tab, enable "Column-based alignment."
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Um, are you sure you're posting to the correct topic? My question was not about alignment, and the files I provided were not column-based. In your email, you asked me to change the number of context lines, which did help.


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            Sorry, Kevin. That was another email about another issue.

            For yours it was detecting when to scroll, which is a combination of the bottom of the Next Difference Section and the current size of the Context area (also controls the Show Context toggle; controlled in the Tools menu -> Options, File Views, Text section.) As long as the bottom + context will fit in the screen, it won't scroll.

            I hope that helps explain the behavior you are seeing. If you have any questions, please let us know.
            Aaron P Scooter Software