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Feature request: use Left and go to next difference

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  • Feature request: use Left and go to next difference

    Hi all,

    Beyond compare is a wonderful program but there is one thing I really missed.
    I mostly used text compare (for source code) and merge versions.
    Therefor I want to have a clickable "button" just beside the next/previous difference "buttons".
    This two new "buttons" should work as:
    - clicking the yellow arrow to copy the actual difference to the other side
    - go to next difference
    So its a "use left/right diff and go to next/previous difference".
    For me it doesn't matter if there is only a "use left.." or "use right..." variant, or only a "goto next..." or "goto prev" variant.
    This two buttons will improve merging two files very fast.

    I had the same functionality in WinMerge. A merging open source tool I used some month before. I changed to Beyond compare because I sometimes need a Linux version. Beyond is much better but in this point it's slows my down.

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    Under: Tools -> Options -> File Views -> Next Difference
    Try checking the option: "Go to next difference after copying to other side"
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761