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Trouble opening .gz files

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  • Trouble opening .gz files

    My server log files are automatically archived as .gz files each month; every now and then I download them and remove them from the server, leaving only the latest for reference.

    Now, I tried to do the latter with Cirrus. Moving & copying files was no problem, and in some cases I was able to open a .gz file and access the log inside - both online and locally - even though I was surprised to see the file marked as having size 0.

    But then sometimes it does not work... I opened one of them with ZipGenius, and indeed inside the archive the file is marked as having zero bytes, but ZG has no problem viewing the file with its internal viewer: clearly the files are not actually zero bytes, only marked as such inside the .gz. I never had any problem using these archives.

    I can't explain why Cirrus would sometimes be able to open such a file (even on the remote server) and sometimes not (even locally). I'm attaching one sample it could not open (unzip it to get at the .gz file file ) - most of the .gz files are too large to attach here.

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    Fixed for next release

    Give this a shot next release. Craig made a fix that should address this.
    Aaron P Scooter Software