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    I'm new to this forum. I need BC for text comparing, and so I searched heavily for any help how to adjust the presets, I also visioned the video explaining how to store those settings for any type of files.

    But I've got extreme problems with those presets in particular, and I don't find the clue how to make text elements "not important", i.e. irrelevant for comparison.

    I do "Session Settings - Impartance". I do "Edit Grammar - New".
    I do "Basic - Element Name" and Insert "ShortStroke", then "MediumStroke", then "LargeStroke", and for each of those new grammar rules, I insert a short, medium or large stroke, those "-" of various lengths.

    For every one, I preset "Also update session defaults", which greys the item out, and afterwards, the preset reverts to the default "Use for this view only". So here is a problem I don't understand.

    Then I try to compare my files, but the 3 different special signs above that should be considered "unimportant", DO trigger red "difference" lines, and so many - hundreds - that it becomes impossible for me to evaluate the REAL differences between my 2 files, hidden perhaps in 50 lines of those several hundred.

    I reload my files, to no avail.

    So please tell me where should I look to have those special signs NOT trigger the line to be displayed as "different" in one file from the other?

    (I understand that my 3 rules will not be maintained between sessions so far, but even within the same session, they won't apply.)

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    I believe we can continue this thread and troubleshooting from your other forum post, here:

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