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Including a Summary at the top of a file-report

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  • Including a Summary at the top of a file-report

    Is there a way to include a summary report at the top of the actual output results of the detailed file comparison? Currently, this is the code I am using to compare the two files:

    log normal "C:\iS_Comp\Results\Rp%date%.txt"
    file-report layout:interleaved options:ignore-unimportant,display-mismatches,line-numbers output-to:"C:\iS_Comp\Results\Rs%date%.html" output-options:html-color "C:\iS_Comp\Bank91\Bank91BIFF8.xls" "C:\iS_Comp\Bank98\Bank98BIFF8.xls"

    I'd like to include the summary above the output in the report that I currently have. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Hello John,

    We do not have a method of appending built into BC3, but you can generate both reports and then use a bat file (after the script is finished) to append the two report files together in order of Summary -> Interleaved.

    The command line/bat file would be:
    type summaryreport.txt >> CombinedReport.txt
    type interleavedreport.txt >> CombinedReport.txt
    Aaron P Scooter Software