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  • Line Weight question

    The line weight documentation seem lacking.

    From previous posts I understand that if a line matches the expression, the whole like become more important. However, is it possible to tell BC that in order to match it, only a part of it is important?

    Example 1:
    <property name="foo" ...>
    The property name should be matched with the same property name on the other side:

    Example 2:
    function Foo()
    Similar, should look for the 'Foo' function.

    The actual results seem to only make "function *" tent to align with "function *" with higher priority than lines not having "function *".

  • #2

    Line weights help break "ties" when BC3's Alignment algorithm (Alignment Settings in the Session Settings) would have to decide between multiple line alignments. If the Line weight is present, BC3 will then align with the higher weight.

    If the line isn't a "tie", the weight doesn't factor in too greatly. The other Alignment Session Settings will have a greater impact.
    Aaron P Scooter Software