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    I have been using beyond compare for some time but I have yet to try what I am about to ask a question about. I am unsure if beyond compare can do this and perhaps my lack of the terminology to explain what I need in prose is why I cannot find an example in the forums if it can do it?

    Anyway, I have two lists:

    List 1 = short list of 10 items that match a criteria I have set forth.
    Key field,

    List 2 = List of everything in which the 10 items above are contained in.
    Key field, data field, data field, data field.

    Want to achieve: I would like to have beyond compare move the data fields from List 2 over to List 1. Basically if this were SQL just doing a outer join.

    Any help on where I should ask this, if it can be done, or help achieving this result would be greatly appreciated.

    When I am normally confronted with this scenario I simply create a SQL table and port the two text files into the appropriate table and then write SQL to do the join. It seems to me I should be able to address this with BC3 with far less steps?


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    If you format your files as .CSV, you can load them in BC3's Data Compare, then copy rows between files.
    Chris K Scooter Software