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Option to start editing in right pane

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  • Option to start editing in right pane

    Is there any way to set an option that causes the program to start 2-way (and 3-way?) text compare with the edit cursor in the right pane instead of the left?

    As a software engineer, I use Beyond Compare for diff'ing source code between my local working copy and the remote repo version (e.g. using TortoiseSVN or TortoiseGit). In this situation, the read-only temporary copy from the server is in the left pane, and my local working copy is in the right one.

    In this situation (99% of my use of Beyond, sometimes hundreds of times per day), I never want to (or can) edit the left pane, and I frequently need to edit my working copy in this situation, and it's a hassle to have to always move the cursor to the right pane.

    I would like to set an option to always place the edit cursor in the right pane initially. Another (more complicated and probably less useful) option would be for Beyond to examine the read-only status of the two files being compared and place the edit cursor in the pane that is not read-only.

    Sorry if this is a duplicate question... I haven't been able to locate anything on this in the application preferences, forums, documentation, or the Internet as a whole.

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    We don't have an option to automatically select the right side, but I'll add a note to our Customer Wishlist. In the meantime, does the shortcut (Alt+Left/Right arrows) help navigate to the right?
    Aaron P Scooter Software