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Is there a way to copy a file's "title"?

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  • Is there a way to copy a file's "title"?

    When diffing files in source control, the file name is often a temporary file and not always very useful. Sometimes, I want to copy the string that's displayed before I click on it.

    For example, the left pane may be called "src\main\app.cpp", but when I click on that text box, it becomes "c:\users\Michael Kujawa\AppData\Local\Temp\wQjYBHsS.cpp"

    I would like to be able to copy "src\main\app.cpp" to the clipboard somehow.

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    As an example use case:
    When I spawn a diff from git, I will get a compare tab with just one file for any files that were added. If I want to "take that change", as it were, I need to enter the file name when saving, and it would be nice to c&p from the left
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      Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, the /title (command line argument used to display a title over the real file name) is only for display and not copyable.

      I note that you posted this into the BC3 forum, but if you are using BC4 for this scenario, would it help to call git as a dir-diff? This folder view might work better if reviewing multiple diff files at once and you need to copy entire/orphan files.
      If you want to trial this feature, you can install BC4's trial without removing your BC3 install.
      Aaron P Scooter Software