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  • Text Compare Resync Improvement

    When doing test compare program source files the sync between the left and right side can end up hopelessly jumbled if just parts of lines compare (or even whole lines) when in reality the left side and right side blocks have much broader difference spans.

    What is the general strategy for dealing with this?

    Is there some way to build a dynamic section split list, in an interactive manner, that permits control over a compare list to become more sane? Even simple directives to place pairs of re-sync points between the left and right hand sides of the screen would be a fantastic improvement.

    Any one have any comments about this idea? Is it possible to do something like this with the existing release? Would it be considered for a future update?

    Note: I would envision that such feature could even save its lists of sync point pairs into a control file that gets stored with the session context file so it can be re-used again later.

    Michael Karas

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    Hello Michael,

    It depends on your specific files, but increasing the Skew Tolerance and other alignment settings in the Text Compare's Session Setting's Alignment tab can often help.

    If you manually use the right-click Align With option, this will "push" down the rest of the comparison; does this help?

    Also, the option to "never align differences" only affects Important text. If you define Everything Else as Unimportant, and define the specific text to be Important, it will then only align when the specific text matches exactly.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Let me first say that I absolutely love this tool. I certainly did not mean for my posting to reflect any negative connotation at all.

      I will try to play around with the "Align With" functionality and see if that works for my situation. Do any hidden attributes that are set with the use of this option get saved with the session settings so if one comes back to compare the same two files files the alignment tweaks get reapplied the same way?

      Michael Karas - Carousel Design


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        The "Align With" settings are not saved with session settings. If you close BC and open the session again, you'll have to redo the "Align With".
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          Unfortunately, Chris is right and that we do not currently save the Alignment itself as part of the session, only the settings. If you can find a combination of settings that automatically aligns things as you expect, then those settings can be saved and reapplied for future comparisons.

          The first thing to try is to increase Skew tolerance or try the Alternate method. Either of these may provide immediate and easy improvements to the alignment.

          Is there a key phrase in your specific files that is more important than the other phrases? Something that has to be an exact match for the two lines to align? If so, you can to define it as the grammar element, then mark only it as Important (everything else as Unimportant). With Ignore Unimportant disabled, the unimportant differences will appear Blue but still be considered differences; but the Never Align Differences alignment option will only apply to the Important text (black if it matches, red if it does not).

          If you need any help setting this up, it may help to post or email us specific example files. If you email us, please include a link back to this forum thread for our reference, the sample files, and your from the Help menu -> Support; Export.
          Aaron P Scooter Software