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  • Suggestion: Alternate view mode

    I've been using various Diff and Merge tools for years and I notice the new crop have an elegant way to show changes.
    The beauty of this method is that the source code of each file remains sequential and compact, which helps readability.
    On the other hand, when merging a complex piece of code, I much prefer the practicality of line by line comparison, as BC3 has.

    I'd like to suggest a future version where both modes were available and the user could switch between them. Some other programs have this feature but I have not seen it implemented well.

    For my work flow, I'd like the sequential with linked lines/curves view for quick compare before check-in. When I do a complex merge, I like the line by line. In the quick compare mode, or for simple changes, I usually need to just accept or reject the whole block, so individual lines are not important.

    I'm sure this would be a big change, but perhaps it would add value to your software as well as look sexy.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Adding additional view modes like this is on our Customer Wishlist. It is a large project and is not something we'll likely be able to implement soon, but I'll certainly add your notes and picture to our entry on the subject.
    Aaron P Scooter Software