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  • Width of leading whitespace


    i have searched the forum but didn't find anything about my problem.

    Problem is, we are comparing pdf files with each other (text compare). The pdf layout (that means indentiation) ist kept, which is very nice.

    But the problem is, at some pdf parts i have 40+ leading spaces before the (changed) text follows. That makes comparing both documents a little bit complicated, as i often have to scroll horizontally to see the text which has changed and not the leading whitespaces.

    Otherwise i want to keep the original layout/ indentiation (tried the pdf parser without the layout option, that doesn't look good), but not with that much leading whitespace.

    Is there a way either to:

    1) Replace 3 or more whitespaces by one?
    2) Set the width of leading spaces to a smaller value?


    Thank you in advance,

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    We do not have this type of feature built into BC3, but you could use an external conversion process to strip out the leading whitespace (and also mark the files as read-only to prevent edits) for easy comparison. We have an example KB article for reformatting files, here:
    Aaron P Scooter Software