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    Hello there,
    I have this about 200 files which i need to compare and need to create a report which will show me that n numbers of errors are found in each file which need to be detailed in a single excel file.
    Is this possible. If yes i would like to know what is the procedure.....
    Looking forward for a reply

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    You can use a BC3 Folder Compare session to compare two base folders. From here, you can use the Display Filters to only show Different files, then use the Edit menu -> Expand All, Edit menu -> Select All Files.

    This should leave you with a selection of just the files you want to report on. Use the Actions menu -> File Compare Report to get a dialog that allows you to create a report of the file contents. You likely want the Summary report, but we only allow output to the Printer, plain text, or HTML. We do not directly save an Excel file, thought Excel can open the .html report. Please try out the different report types and see if there is one that works best for you.

    We also have a good, overview tutorial available here:
    Aaron P Scooter Software