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unable to achieve all my objectives

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  • unable to achieve all my objectives


    I have encountered two problems while using bc3.
    1. I need the difference in cases in two files to be ignored while comparing. When I used "Ignore minor differences" option for the same, I automatically lost the information about the differences in the "spaces and tabs" that existed in the 2 files. I do not want this to happen
    2. I need a group of lines that exist between any two specified lines in one file to be compared with a group of lines that exist between any two specified lines in another file and mark the differences that exist.

    I am not sure whether these problems are occuring due to my lack of knowledge about bc3 or due to the lack of such options in bc3 itself!! Whatsoever maybe the case, I seek your help and guidance to achieve the above mentioned tasks. Please let me know if such a thing is possible with bc3 or not. If possible, please give a detailed, step by step procedure/instructuions to do so.
    Thanking you in advance,

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    Let me see if I can help here:

    1) When comparing two files in the Text Compare, you can go to the Session menu -> Session Settings, Importance tab. Here, checked items are Important, and unchecked items are unimportant. By default, "Everything else" is checked so that text that is not of one of the above Grammar Elements is Important. Also, by default, Character case is unimportant. You can mark Leading, Embedded, or Trailing whitespace as Important if you want to find these differences, and leave Character case as Unimportant to ignore it.

    If you have Grammar Elements listed above, you will need to edit the File Format (in the Tools menu -> File Formats), as each grammar element has its own character case options: "This element is case sensitive"

    Are these the options you are looking for?

    2) Beyond Compare always considers the order of your lines and line breaks as important. You will need to preprocess your files into a sorted order in order to compare your lines. One example of this is using an external conversion, like this:
    Beyond Compare is a multi-platform utility that combines directory compare and file compare functions in one package. Use it to manage source code, keep directories in sync, compare program output, etc.

    Or a more general article here:

    Alternatively, if you just need to quickly compare a block of text, you can highlight the paragraph on the left, right-click and Copy it, then highlight the block on the right, right-click and select Compare to Clipboard. This will launch a new tab comparing just that text.
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      Thanks a lot for the reply I will post in case of any other clarifications .