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    I have tried many ways to tell BC3 the following difference is unimportant

    Left file: w:\gmProj\ELC\log\sav\X
    Right file: w:\gmProj\ELC\log\X
    < SKIP Line=[474] ... same
    > SKIP Line=[423] ... same

    It is reporting the numbers being different and I do not know how to tell it otherwise. Changes in the Line numbers are not important in this comparison. Is it possible that there is conflict with some other rule?

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    Yes. Are line numbers always important? Are they always at the beginning (leftmost) of the line? You can define a RegEx grammar that matches this with:

    Then mark that grammar ("Line Number") as Unimportant.

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      More information.

      A literal sample of a line from my files looks like this:

      REPLACE Line=[490] Lang=[...

      My regex grammar element looks like this:


      No matter what I try BC3 always treats differences in the numbers as important.

      I have this element at the top of the list in priority.
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        We show the currently detected grammar name in the bottom status bar of each pane. If you click into your line number (placing the cursor within the [br|ackets]), what grammar element name is displayed in the status bar just below the left or right text pane (but above the line details).

        If it is the proper element name, if you go to the Session menu -> Session Settings, is that name unchecked by default? To uncheck by default, go to the Home screen, Edit session defaults folder in the Saved Sessions list, and select the Text Compare. Uncheck here to create a default behavior.
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          It was the element prioirities

          The status bar showed that I had a different delimited element that was making these lines important even though my Line= element was a higher priority. That was a bit non-intitive, but the status bar showed that was it.

          I removed the delimited element and BC3 is doing exactly what I want now.

          BC3 is the greatest.

          Thank you for your assistance.


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            The priority list is not absolute. If the other grammar is further to the left and is detected first, it can override any grammar that appears later in the line. The priority list helps influence this, but it can pick lower items if they are matched earlier while searching the current line.
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