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    I am using the trial version of Beyond Compare. I am comparing two text files. I need to export the differences to an excel spreadsheet.

    First I exported the report to an HTML format then I opened excel which read the file without a problem. When I looked at the excel spreadsheet however, file 1 was listed in column A and file 2 was listed in column C. Since each line in both files has 250 characters, looking at the differences in the excel spreadsheet is very difficult to do.

    I next tried exporting it to a plain text file, then opening it up in excel which made reading it a lot easier however, I lost the highlighting where the differences are. Is there another way of exporting a file so it can be read in an excel spreadsheet with the highlighting intact?



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    Not really. We can export a report as HTML, Text, or directly to the Printer. Excel can open the Text or HTML, but each has advantages and disadvantages as you've found. Plain text does not contain color information. The HTML-color report can open in Excel, but Excel does not have multiple panes, so it would need to put some information in one column, and the other side in another column.
    Aaron P Scooter Software