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Bug in compare highlighting.

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  • Bug in compare highlighting.

    Unfortunately the attached files are the type I have to compare all the time. I really like Beyond Compare but I wish it could properly highlight the character differences in the line. For some reason its seems to always be off.

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    Beyond Compare 3's default character alignment attempts to align similar characters together. You can view this alignment with the View menu -> Alignment Details.

    You can change this to a column based comparison by creating a new File Format in the Tools menu -> File Formats dialog. New... Text Format, and in the Misc tab enable "Column-based data".

    If your files have a specific mask, you can add that in the masks section, or *.* for all files and place it at the bottom of the file format list. You can switch which format is used manually in a Text Compare using the Session Setting's Format tab, the Format toolbar button dropdown, or the format name dropdown in each individual pane.

    How does this work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      The "Column-based data" comparison worked great. Thanks!