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Feature: Align with Next Match

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  • Aaron
    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add these notes to our Customer Wishlist. This looks like a fairly large change, so it isn't likely it is something we would be tackling soon. I would suggest using a combination of external conversions, or comparing a subset of your data to get this type of alignment.

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  • tomPepe
    started a topic Feature: Align with Next Match

    Feature: Align with Next Match

    Instead of clicking align on the left file and finding the line manually on the right file just right click the line on the left file and add a menu to the context menu that says "Align with Next Match" and let Beyond Compare find the next line on the right file that matches the selected line.

    Nice to have options:
    1. Nice if I could select multiple lines. The match must match all lines selected in order though not necessarily sequentially. For instance the following two files are shown side by side in a compare:
    1. abc 1. abc
    2. def 2. d
    3. de
    4. def
    3. ghi 5. g
    4. klm
    6. ghi

    if I select def and ghi on lines 2 and 3 of the left side and click align with next match then they should align with lines 4 and 6 on the right side respectively.

    2. Nice if I could select the right file too
    if I select the right file then it searches down from that point for an alignment.

    3. Nice if I could search up/down/wrap for alignment.

    4. Nice if I could configure the similarity of the line to match. Like 100% for an exact match, 95% for a close match. Etc.