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How to Auto Ignored specified text. just Like Replacement.

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  • How to Auto Ignored specified text. just Like Replacement.

    I want auto Ignored specified content, Just like Replacement some content
    with a 'NULL' string.



    line one
    			some content ...
    line two
    file 2:
    line one 
    line two
    I want all ' <LeftMRUSpecs>.*</LeftMRUSpec>' auto ignored when
    used in specified session. (make it as Unimportant change)

    How can i edit a Replacement to realize this functionality ?
    Replacement seem to must offer a non-null character in the other panel.
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    It seem can realize with Syntax marked with Comment, But , I don't want
    change the default format conversion, I just want to this Replacement is
    effective in current saved session.


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      Follow this guide and video link:

      If this is a Text Compare session, you can simply set the Importance (checkbox) then save the session.

      If this is a Folder Compare session, double click your file pair. This launches a child Text Compare session, then change the Session Settings, Importance checkbox but switch the dropdown from "Use for this view only" to "Use for these files in parent session". Then close the child compare and Save the parent Folder Compare.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        I still have a problem:

        Can I store the Text compare View Align-with setting in my session ?


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          Could you post or email us a full screen screenshot?

          The Alignment determines if two lines should align and be compared.
          The Importance determines if the characters of aligned lines are considered equal, important differences, or unimportant differences.

          The Align With is not saved with the Session Settings; it only supports temporary overrides to help compare on the fly.
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            Thanks very much.

            I have understood what i want to understood All things.

            the last problem is just a question, I have no fitful screenshot.

            I have notice, when in Folder Compare View, the 'Align with'
            can be saved in session setting, I use the both `Align with'
            with a same hotkey.

            So I ask this quesiton . I think add Text Compare View
            'Align with' info in session setting, or offer a switch, make
            me can switch on this function is a good idea.

            Sometimes, BC3 auto realign result is not what I want.
            perhpas you can offer a options, can offer a function that F5 or Ctrl-F5
            not affect my manual align, and save it in session setting.

            After all, It think realize it ought to not diffcult . and not any loss.
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              Thanks for the suggestion. It isn't as easy as you would think, but it is something on our radar. If you have any specific example files you would like us to consider, please email or post them with a screenshot and I can add them as notes or test cases.
              Aaron P Scooter Software