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  • Copy with difference highlighted to MS Doc

    What I am trying to do is copy selections of a text compare and paste them into Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word with the, default red, differences highlighted.

    I can not get the copy to work with the highlighted differences copying over. My only two options when i click paste special in MS Excel are Paste as: Unicode Text, or Text. I swear I had this working a while back and can not duplicate my resluts. Thanks for any help.

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    Beyond Compare does not currently support editing or pasting into an MS Excel or MS Word document. This is because the Text Compare (or Data Compare) must use a conversion process to save these files as plain text before displaying their text for comparison. The same conversion process strips out information like font, and does not support saving the file back as the original format.

    Because of this, we disable editing in the converted file, to prevent users from saving a plain text document over their original Word (or Excel) document. This option has an override, allowing editing, but it is not recommended since you are likely not saving the type of data you expect. Is it possible you had this option overridden in a previous version? Re-installing the format would re-enable the defaults.
    Aaron P Scooter Software