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Identical lines flagged as different

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  • Identical lines flagged as different

    I am comparing two files. The compare works up to line 177, where there is a block of text (~25 lines) in the left file that is not in the right file. Beyond that point, the files are again the same for 100's of lines. The missing block of text is properly shown as different and the lines below the missing text are properly aligned, however the lines beyond the missing text are shown as being different.

    If I copy a few line at the beginning of the missing text from the left file to the right file, the lines below the missing text all change to indicate they match.

    I have attached two screenshots to demonstrate the issue.

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    The scenario here is likely an unterminated grammar on one side but not the other. This would make one side a different grammar type than the other; different grammars aligned are marked as a difference, even if the text characters are equal.

    If you click the cursor into the text area, we show the detected grammar type in the bottom status bar of each pane.

    If you need help finding this, please let us know in an email to [email protected] including:
    - Your current (Help menu -> Support; Export)
    - This pair of sample files demonstrating the 'all red' issue.
    Aaron P Scooter Software