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CSV: Differences should be sorted by Line Number

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  • CSV: Differences should be sorted by Line Number

    PROPOSED: Differencing 2 .csv files should present the user with a difference that is sorted by the Line Number.

    WHAT HAPPENS TODAY: The .csv difference is both fine and impressive. However, the user must "Jump Around" inside the original document because there is No-Rhyme-Or-Reason, in the order that the differences are being displayed.

    TEST CASE: Please difference the attached, 2 .csv files, both a mere 20 Rows. (Simply rename to be .CSV , files)

    REMEDY: Simply sort() the output, by the row number, when displaying in BC

    I look forward to this discussion and thank you in advance for your fine tool.

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    Normally, CSV files would be opened by default in the Data Compare.

    The Data Compare, by default, assigns Column 1 as the "Key" column, and then sorts and aligns based on it. Given these two files, "Name" does appear to be a decent Key and is sorted alphabetically. You can right click any column header and assign any column or columns together to be the Key. A couple other examples: EmployeeID, or the combination of both "FirstName" and "LastName" columns.

    The sort option is controlled in the Data Compare's Session menu -> Session Settings, Columns tab, uncheck "Unsorted alignment" if it was checked.

    Of course, CSV is also a plain text format that can be opened in the Text Compare. Are you using a specific Text Compare feature you need in the Data Compare? You can create a new Text format assigned to *.csv, and use the Conversion tab to make it "Sort" automatically during a load.
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