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Selecting or Copying Differences Based On Importance Threshold

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  • Selecting or Copying Differences Based On Importance Threshold

    One thing that I find myself doing every now and then is going through a file and removing all of the differences which are only "whitespace" changes, because I do not want to commit those to SVN.

    Is there a way to select all differences which are below some importance threshold or based on some condition? Then I can copy them left or right. It sucks going through every difference and doing this manually.


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    Not in a single step, but you can configure the current comparison with a couple of steps to do this.

    First, make sure that only whitespace is Unimportant in the Session menu -> Session Settings, Importance tab. Checked items are Important, Unchecked are Unimportant. Once that is set, only the whitespace you want to copy over should be blue with the View menu -> Visible Whitespace enabled.

    You can then navigate to each blue difference and copy it over after a quick review, or toggle the toolbar button to Ignore Unimportant Differences, which will hide all blue (whitespace) as black text. Set the Display Filter to Show Same (so now, only Equal text and Ignored Unimportant Whitespace should remain on the screen), then select all and copy from one side to the other (which would replace only equal text with equal text, and copy the whitespace).
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