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How turn off filtered lines view?

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  • How turn off filtered lines view?

    This is crazy. Somehow I've turned on "filtered lines" view and I can't figure out how to turn it off. BC3 is useless to me with it on! I've used this program for what seems like forever and haven't ever gotten into something I can't solve like this.

    When I compare 2 similar .c files, by default I now get the differences shown with collapsed "XXX FILTERED LINES" in between the differences (XXX is a variable number, not literally "XXX"). I want the files to just come up by default without any collapsed "FILTERED LINES".

    I've spent like an hour trying to get rid of this behavior. I'm sure it is really easy, but I've searched in the help, searched online, etc.

    Can anyone help me??? Please!!

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    Simply start an empty instance of Beyond Compare.
    Then open an empty text-compare session.
    Here you need to select the "Show all" filter in the toolbar (the black star next to the red crossed equal sign).
    Close BC again.

    Now the new default filter should be active as a default for new sessions.

    Hope this helps ...

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      Does Christoph's suggestion help? Or are you still running into any trouble? A full screen screenshot might also help.
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        Yes, that suggestion helped, but I found that a rather obtuse way to do what I wanted. I found maybe a better way and learned something in the process. I used to (for years!) have the asterisk/not-equal/equal buttons in the toolbar. In trying to fix this problem myself today, I discovered if I right click the toolbar, and change the selection from "Favorites" to "Toggles", it was easy to see how to get rid of the "filtered lines" at-will with the alternate toolbar that appears.