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  • Lutz
    The following steps are working as expected:
    Select left search text, start Align with... on left current line, Search/Find (Ctrl-F, not F3) using selected text (Wrap+right+Close checked), navigate to the correct line using F3 (Find next), Align with Marked (F7).

    In short: Select text, F7, Ctrl-F, F3, F7

    Greetings Lutz

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  • donaldshimoda
    started a topic Suggestion to enhance Alignwith

    Suggestion to enhance Alignwith

    I find myself using alot Alignwith whith two delphi files, because name procedures dont get aligned automatically.

    I think can be great a new popmenu option, alignwith same text(procedure/function,whatever), allowing to find the same declaration in a line at the left with exact same declaration on the rigth, by example.
    That is not easy to do know, because align with mode activate a ? simbol and a click on the second window to search it with F3 break align with mode.

    Hope i was clear.

    Best regards.