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Comparing text files using a loop

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  • Aaron

    The loop would need to be controlled by the overall script file that is calling to BC3. This would depend on the language and setup of how you are calling:
    BCompare.exe @"script.txt" file1 file1a report1.txt

    And how it would determine the names of file1, etc. I found an example article covering Bat files, here:

    BC3 itself does not allow appending of reports, but if it is a plain text report, you can append it to a main report. As an example bat file:
    BCompare.exe @"script.txt" file1 file1a reportTemp.txt
    type reportTemp.txt >> MainReport.txt
    BCompare.exe @"script.txt" file2 file2a reportTemp.txt
    type reportTemp.txt >> MainReport.txt

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  • hjai
    started a topic Comparing text files using a loop

    Comparing text files using a loop

    I have a script that compares text files similar to the one in the Help:
    text-report layout:side-by-side &
    options:ignore-unimportant,display-context &
    output-to:%3 output-options:html-color %1 %2

    If I want to perform multiple file1/file1a, file2/file2a, ...fileN/fileNa
    would my batch file be something similar to the following:

    BCompare.exe @"script.txt" file1 file1a report1.txt
    BCompare.exe @"script.txt" file2 file2a report2.txt
    BCompare.exe @"script.txt" fileN fileNa report1.txt

    Or is there a simple way to perform this using a loop? Also, is there a way to have 1 report where each subsequent report gets appended?