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  • unalign option?

    In doing a 3-way merge, I am seeing that myself and another developer added different brand new sections to the file. Beyond compare analyzes those two sections and sees some similarities - closing tags etc. and aligns parts of them up. The problem is that the alignment is completely wrong. Yes, a tag is the same here and there, but these are two completely separate new blocks of code. The merge needs to be resolved by taking all of the left side then all of the right. Unfortunately, take left, then right doesn't work due to what beyond compare see's as aligned. It seems that if we could tell beyond compare that something should unaligned this could help. Instead i have to manually select the section on the left side and copy it to the merged file, select the section on the right side and copy it to the merged file, then get rid of the extra junk in the merged file that beyond compare thinks lined up. I'm I doing this the hard way? I see this frequently in my workflow.

    I added a picture to illustrate this

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    I run into this situation fairly regularly. Select all of the conflicting code on either the right or left, then right click on the selection and choose either "take right then left" or "take left then right". The code from both sides will be moved to the merged output the way you want it, and you can clear the conflict flags as usual.


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      In addition to tlscales comments, we have new Alignment options in the BC4 beta (Patience Diff) which might better match/auto-align with your code. We also do have a right-click, Isolate to 'unalign', but I'm not certain if that is better than the selection method.
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