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  • Find/Replace Dialog (enhancement request)


    In the spring of 2007, beta testers requested Find/Replace dialogs that defaulted to the current pane. I suggested BC2-like Left/Right check-boxes with the current side checked when the dialog opens.

    In build 425 (March, 2007) the find/replace dialogs were changed to default the find to the Current pane. The dialog implemented option buttons instead of checkboxes. No biggie, it worked great, except for the fact that the dialogs were modal (which I complained about).

    In build 431 (June, 2007) the dialogs became non-modal (Yay!). But the use of a "current side" option instead of left/right checkboxes has never set right with me since then...and I've also received negative feedback from my teammates. The problem is that sometimes a user wants to drive a find in one pane, but edit the other side when a result is found. The current functionality makes it tedious when the user has to keep changing the focus to the opposite pane to perform the next find, then back again to work, etc. In fact, if there are no more instances of the search text on the edit side, the user might miss more instances to find on the other side if they forget to set the focus back to the other side.

    I recognize the advantages of using option buttons, especially with the introduction of the center pane: namely that a user has fewer clicks to make (doesn't have to check one box and also uncheck the other). But I am not happy about the inablility for find operations to be confined to a specific pane...please consider an enhancement that will retain the advantages of the current design, but also support "sticky" search panes:

    This enhancement would apply to Find operations in Text Merge sessions, and to both Find and Replace options in text compare sessions.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761

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    Thanks for the suggestion. We've added it to the wishlist.
    Tim T Scooter Software