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  • Favor center panel?

    When doing a three way merge after resolving a merge conflict from the latest SVN updates, I'm displaying my old SVN copy in the left, my current copy in the center, and the latest SVN copy on the right. Underneath the three windows is the merge result. It seems that the merge result favours the left panel. I could re-arrange my windows so that my current copy is on the left, but I'd rather keep it in the center. Is there a way for it to favour the center panel?
    Thanks, Eric
    PS: Bld444, cmdline="%base %theirs %mine /lro /rro /cro /mergeoutput=%merged"

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    Hi Eric,

    Cirrus is designed so that the center pane is always considered the common ancestor (%base). I'm not aware of any merge tool that lets you set the left pane as base. Do you know of any?

    Tim T Scooter Software


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      I see KDiff3 always puts Base on the left.

      At this point I'd say we're not likely to change Cirrus to support Base in the left pane.
      Tim T Scooter Software