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Interum 3-way compare launch suggestion

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  • Interum 3-way compare launch suggestion

    Until the 3-way folder compare is available, it would still be very nice to be able to easily launch a 3-way compare.

    The current way I find my self doing things is to have two folder compare tabs open, one from the base line to my current working set, and one from the base line to latest version from CM. I can work with this as this is the equivalent to what I was doing before BC3, but now I would like to be able to configure my lastest version folder compare to open a 3-way merge instead of a compare, and to have the 3-way configured such that the left most pane is my working set file, the center pane is the base line and the right pane is the latest version from CM.

    At the moment I have to open the compare off of the lastest version folders, then open the 3-way (via merge in new view), and then reconfigure the merge panes such that the base line is in the center (rather than one of the sides), and replace the original base line pane with the current working file (an edit to which base folder is used). Then I select the working file from the bottom merge pane file drop down.

    Until 3-way folder compare is available, this seems like a resonably easy config option to add to add to get most of the way to the functionality I would like to use.

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    If you are suggesting a 3-way text compare, see my comments here.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      I had already read that thread, which is why this is an interum suggestion that I though would be quite easy to provide. It does not require the 3-way folder comparison, but it would enable easy access to the text merge via the standard 2-way folder compare (with all the panes set up as required, at least it would be for me).