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missing "Explorer" submenu in merged output text area

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  • missing "Explorer" submenu in merged output text area

    I'm using Beyond Compare a lot with TortoiseSVN and it's pretty handy to see the "Explorer" submenu when right-clicking in the textarea's in the 2-way text viewer. Thanks for that!!

    But I just noticed that this submenu is missing for the output (4th) textarea when using the 3-way merge. All the 3 textareas above (left/middle/right) feature the "Explore" submenu.

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    Explorer only acts on files as they that exist on disk. The output is generated so it's not really a file until you save it. This command could only be available if you specify an output filename that already exists or you save it. Would you still like us to add it?
    Erik Scooter Software


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      In my case, using the 3-way merge for resolving conflicts with TortoiseSVN, all files, including the output file, are already created when BC is opened.

      I have configured TortoiseSVN to call BC using 4 files...
      BCompare.exe %theirs %mine %base %merged
      and all files exists...
      some.js       = %merged
      some.js.mine  = %mine
      some.js.r104  = %base
      some.js.r109  = %theirs
      As the last one, %merged, is for BC the output file, for SVN it is the regular file. And the ContextMenu is only available on this one, not the others. When all conflicts are resolved and saved to %merged, the other 3 files get deleted by TortoiseSVN.

      So, for me it is essentially useful to have the Explorer ContextMenu on the output file (as it always exists, when resolving conflicts with SVN).
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        We will add "Explorer" to the Text Merge output pane in 3.0.1.
        Erik Scooter Software


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          Thanks a lot!