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Help incorrect on command line switches?

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  • Help incorrect on command line switches?

    The Help file details the following regarding the order of the files to be merged in a 3-way merge:
    For a 3-way merge, use:
    cirrus.exe <Left File> <Right File> <Center File> <Output File>
    However, it seems to me that the order actually goes <Left File> <Center File> <Right File> <Output File>

    I use the following command line to use Cirrus as the merge tool with TortoiseSVN:
    C:\Program Files\Cirrus\Cirrus.exe &#37;mine %base %theirs %merged /lro /rro/ /lefttitle=%mname /centertitle=%bname /righttitle=%tname /outputtitle=%mname
    And it definitely gives me Mine on the left, Base in the center, and latest Repository version on the right. And I don't just mean the titles, since I've tested it without specifying the titles. ;-)

    Just thought I'd mention this in case the beta help file is incorrect, and could do with being updated.

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    It shouldn't be. Are you sure the files contents were correct? Since you are manually naming the pane's correctly ("/left pane" is getting the name of the &#37;leftFile), are you sure the contents inside match those names?
    The order should be Left Right Center Output (can be quickly tested by launching from the command line and typing in 1.txt,2.txt,3.txt,4.txt as your starting parameters)
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Mmmm, I was pretty sure I was correct, but I can't reproduce it now.

      My apologies.


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        The parameter order has always worked as documented for me.
        I use a simple Windows command file to test 3-Way Merge functionality.

        "C:\Program Files\Cirrus\Cirrus.exe" "D:\LHS.txt" "D:\RHS.txt" "D:\CTR.txt" "D:\OUT.txt"
        /title1="Theirs (LHS.txt)" /title2="Mine (RHS.txt)" /title3="Base (CTR.txt)" /title4="Merge Target (OUT.txt)" /solo

        Executing the command correctly populates the merge session:

        Using /lefttitle /righttitle /centertitle /outputtitle instead of /title1 /title2 /title3 /title4 yields
        the same results. If I swap the parameters, however, the merge session is not correctly populated:

        "C:\Program Files\Cirrus\Cirrus.exe" "D:\LHS.txt" "D:\CTR.txt" "D:\RHS.txt" "D:\OUT.txt"
        /lefttitle="Theirs (LHS.txt)" /centertitle="Base (CTR.txt)" /righttitle="Mine (RHS.txt)" /outputtitle="Output (OUT.txt)" /solo

        Although the file names in the dropdowns look correct, the content of the files show that they have been loaded into the wrong panes:

        Note that, since the title parms are qualified with their position (1 through 4 or left, right, center, output) the order of the parameters does not matter. If defined correctly, the titles will display in the correct position regardless of the order in which they are passed.

        The content of the panes, however, is based on positional parameters which must be ordered <Left> <Right> <Center> <Out> or the content of the files will appear in the wrong panes even if the titles are displayed in the correct position. In other words, the file titles and the file contents will be mis-matched.
        BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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          Originally posted by Conor Boyd View Post
          I use the following command line to use Cirrus as the merge tool with TortoiseSVN:
          C:\Program Files\Cirrus\Cirrus.exe %mine %base %theirs %merged /lro /rro/ /lefttitle=%mname /centertitle=%bname /righttitle=%tname /outputtitle=%mname
          BTW, I don't think the /lro and /rro parameters will accomplish anything for you. By nature, a 3-way merge is read-only except for the output pane. Also, you should consider using the /solo parameter to confine version control merges to their own instance of BC3.
          BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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            No need to apologize. I just wanted to make sure:
            a) our parameters were working correctly.
            b) you were not accidentally merging your source code incorrectly.
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              Thanks for the graphical and detailed explination, Michael.
              Aaron P Scooter Software


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                I've just been setting up Tortoise SVN, and found this topic. Your /lefttitle is wrong - should be using %yname and not %mname.

                Here is the TSVN setting I use, which I think is correct. And as mentioned by Michael, the readonly settings have no effect with a 3 way merge, so I haven't used them :-)

                Diff Viewer:
                C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 3\BCompare.exe %base %mine /lro /lefttitle=%bname /righttitle=%yname

                Merge Tool:
                C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 3\BCompare.exe %mine %theirs %base %merged /lefttitle=%yname /righttitle=%tname /centertitle=%bname /outputtitle=%mname

                It may well be worthwhile adding these into the help file or a FAQ? Or perhaps asking Tortoise to add in examples in *their* help file - they already have the commandlines to use for several other compare tools.


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                  Thanks for pointing that out. We are still in the process of updating/working on our Help file.

                  As for TSVN updating theirs, perhaps we'll give them a bit of time until we are out of Beta.
                  Aaron P Scooter Software