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How to use 4-window merge with ClearCase

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  • How to use 4-window merge with ClearCase

    I added

    text_file_delta merge C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 3\BComp.exe
    text_file_delta xmerge C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 3\BComp.exe

    to the ClearCase map file (v7.0.1) as directed in the support topic "Using Beyond Compare with Version Control Systems". However, when I now get the merge window opened for a ClearCase merge where I modified a file and someone else also modified the file and checked it in before me, I only see the window showing my change and the change made by the checked in version. The center window, which I believe is suppose to show the file as it existed before I modified it, is not shown and to button to show it is disabled. When the same operation is done with ClearCase's merge window, you get all three versions (i.e. including the center view of the original file). Is the BComp.exe correctly handling the parameters passed to it to show all three versions?

    UPDATE: Restarted my computer and ran a similar merge. I now see three versions of the file with the merge launched with the following command line:

    xmerge -base \\MyServerName\ccstg_rsi\VOBs\AD_Development.vbs\c \cdft\15\23\065ff4c0369f4b2188b17983f21146fc -out C:\RSLA_400_S1\AD_Development\RSLogixArchitect\Aut omationDesktopUserInterfaceLite.cs.merge -fname C:\RSLA_400_S1\AD_Development\RSLogixArchitect\Aut [email protected]@\main\perseus_ int\isis_int\cpr9_int\int_v_2_50_mke\dev_stack_v2_ 50_mke\dev_stack_v4_00_mke\dev_v4_00_sprint_1_mke\ 7 -fname C:\RSLA_400_S1\AD_Development\RSLogixArchitect\Aut omationDesktopUserInterfaceLite.cs.keep.4 -fname C:\RSLA_400_S1\AD_Development\RSLogixArchitect\Aut omationDesktopUserInterfaceLite.cs C:\RSLA_400_S1\AD_Development\RSLogixArchitect\Aut omationDesktopUserInterfaceLite.cs.keep.4 C:\RSLA_400_S1\AD_Development\RSLogixArchitect\Aut omationDesktopUserInterfaceLite.cs

    Not sure what the last two cs.keep.4 and .cs files are on the command line for, but it appears ClearCase copied my working file to .cs.keep.4 and shows that in the top left, get the version of the file as it was when I checked it out and shows that in the top center, and finally overwrites my working file with the latest version and shows that in the top right view.

    OK looks to be working, sorry for the question.

    Last edited by ontracanoer; 07-Nov-2008, 05:10 PM. Reason: Update, seems to now work