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  • Merge not working

    I have to be doing something wrong, but I cannot figure it out. I cannot get the merge functionality to work. I have tried from perforce, I have tried from the command line, but I cannot get it to merge. I always get a two way compare, rather than a three way merge. Is there a configuration thing I am missing?


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    Do you have BC3 Standard or BC3 Pro? Merge is only available in BC3 Pro. If you have the standard version it will open as a two way compare instead of a merge.

    To see if your license is for the Pro or Standard version, select Help > About Beyond Compare from the menu.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Would be nice to know!

      I just ran into this issue myself. It would be really nice if the program let you know this fact when you tried to initiate a merge (not to mention a sales tool).




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        Hello Andy,

        We offer a link to a Std vs. Pro article on our Purchase webpage:
        Beyond Compare is a multi-platform utility that combines directory compare and file compare functions in one package. Use it to manage source code, keep directories in sync, compare program output, etc.

        And you can toggle between the two version in the Trial mode from the Help -> About dialog.

        The graphical interface does not show the Text Merge button if you are in Std mode, and Help file should also have a Pro stamp next to any Pro specific features.

        Once Std is purchased, we try not to mention or push any of our Pro features on to the user.
        Aaron P Scooter Software