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3-way Folder comparison - HomeBrew solution

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  • getbc
    really good! it seems I also need to make one for my self.
    wonder why Scooter team no make one for it? and inti it with CVS,

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  • Michael Bulgrien
    Nice little app. Thanks.

    A 3-way merge also needs an output folder. Now, if you add a fourth pane to your app so that the user can identify the output folder, then add a Merge button to programatically merge each file using BComp and place the results in the output folder (except for file sets with conflicts) then you would have a 3-way folder merge instead of just a 3-way folder compare. And...the user would only need to launch the BC3 GUI for 3-way merges that failed due to conflicts.

    I've done all of this using scripts run from the command line, but never contained it in a tidy little GUI like you have. I am sure that others will find it useful until the Scooter team gets the functionality built in.

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  • jjdacl
    started a topic 3-way Folder comparison - HomeBrew solution

    3-way Folder comparison - HomeBrew solution


    I'm a long time user of BC2 and upgraded to BC3 yesterday because I have to do a 3-way folder comparison of some code. I think the 3-way text merge is awesome, but BC3 really needs the same thing for folders!

    So I've written a little app to let you do just that! :-)

    It's written in VB.Net, so if it doesn't run, please install the .Net runtimes. I apologise if there are any bugs, but I've tested it quite a bit and I'm happy to release it to the community as freeware.

    Basically, just select the three folders you want to compare and press the "Compare" button. Comparison is done using BC3's command line option (unless the file sizes are different, in which case it doesn't bother). Once the folders are compared the results are shown and you can just double click any file in the list to launch BC3 in 3-way mode :-)

    If the files are identical they don't show in the list.

    Make sure to set the correct path to BC3 in the .config file; you can also set the initial default folders in there too.


    [update] Fixed BC3 launch to load files in correct order (left,right,center).
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