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Clearcase merge called from compare session fails

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  • Clearcase merge called from compare session fails

    Hi together,

    very often I have to compare two different ClearCase views (e. g. offering different file by using different config spec) against each other in order to merge from one view into the other.

    When doing so I normally use the file's context menu "Explorer->ClearCase->Version Tree" in order to select desired versions to merge. Within this version-tree-view ClearCase offers via context menu a special "merge to" option to simply select the target file. Beyond Compare (containing my view comparison) opens a new tab and displays all merging options. So far so good but unfortunately BC (3.1.6) immediately gives back the control to ClearCase without waiting for my merging to be completed. This results in ClearCase complaining "merge failed" . . .

    Any suggestions how I can solve this issue?

    Thanks in advance

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    Are you using the Windows Shell extension to perform the Merge, or a Clearcase control?
    Did you configure clearcase to use Bcomp.exe instead of Bcompare.exe ?
    Aaron P Scooter Software