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Req: TFS-Specific, warn when merging old CS.

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  • Req: TFS-Specific, warn when merging old CS.

    I have a problem which I believe is some sort of TFS bug (seems to behave as "Get specific version-><old one>" on a file that has pending edit).
    As you can see in the attached (and obscured) screenshot, both my workspace-version and server-version are CS 57870 when checking it via TF.EXE properties command.
    But when merging, some files (rarely) show up with an old CS as the server version, causing a conflict for me to resolve.

    This is where BC3 comes in. Since the /title-parameter values are generated by TFS, it would be neat if BC3 could parse them for the ";CSXXX" string, and compared with the workspace's /title-parameter value ";CSYYY".
    Thus if XXX<YYY, some indication of some sort would be nice like "merging with an older version" text or similar.
    (I guess a switch would be needed to tell which pane represents the server's version and WS version resp.)

    I guess it would be useful if other scc-systems uses the ";CS<...>" naming convention as well.


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    Interesting idea... a warning that "File being merged is older than common ancestor"

    By the way, there is no "S" in the ";CXXXX" changeset number passed with the title.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761