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How do I do a three way?

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  • How do I do a three way?

    I am test driving. I'm trying to figure out how three way works. So I start a comparison using two documents. Then I try to see how can add a third document. I don't see how. Is there a tutorial on this some place?

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    Perhaps you might find my definition of a 3-way merge useful. The concept of a 3-way merge is to combine the changes in two different versions of the same file (derived from a common ancestor) so that the resulting output file contains both sets of changes.

    It sounds like you are trying to perform a 3-way text compare (compare three similar files to assist in the editing of similar elements in the three files). Beyond Compare does not have a 3-way text compare session.
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      Here is a photo displaying the new feature: How to I get what's happening in the picture set up BC.


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        Start Beyond Compare from the start menu, rather than using the Explorer menu. On the first screen that comes up (Home), click the Text Merge button on the left side. If you're already comparing a pair of files in the text compare you can use the Session->Merge Files menu item to launch into the same interface.
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          In addition to Craig's reply, you can enable "Merge" on the Explorer Context menu (it is disabled by default to prevent the menu from starting out large).

          Launch BC3, go to the Tools menu -> Options, Start up section. Make sure Include Beyond Comapre in Explorer context menu is enabled. Then select Merge and place it in the Main Menu or Submenu.
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            One further comment: The Text Merge defaults to a 3 pane view (2 input, 1 output), but there is a 3rd path in the top center of the screen. If you enter a file in the 3rd path, the 3rd input pane (Center) becomes visible. This gives you the view in the screenshot: 3 inputs and 1 output. The center pane is assumed to be an Ancestor.
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